Jamie Oliver

Everyone was excited at the prospect of meeting Jamie Oliver. As a massive fan of his ‘30 Minute Meals’ book, I had so many things to ask him. If you had the chance to interview Jamie Oliver what would you say? There were plenty of suggestions. Why does he say put a little salt on then proceed to use a lot? You say put a little attitude in your cooking. At what store can I purchase ‘attitude’ along with my other ingredients? Will you come to my place and cook dinner for us, if we provide the drinks? Read more →

I’ve Lost My Voice. Try and Understand It

So much pressure. One moment. One opportunity. 15,000 sets of eyes watching. Some clown from Australia had managed to convince the MC to hand him the mic during the time out. It was deep into the fourth quarter and the game was going down to the wire. Cometh the moment, cometh the man. The crowd joined in with him in a rendition of ‘You’re the Voice’ belted out from every Australian spread over the stadium. As one might say, a ‘special’ moment. Would it be enough to lift the Australian Opals basketball team to victory over France? Read more →

The Team Behind The Team

Already there have been many thrills and spills at the London 2012 Olympic Games but behind every athlete and all of the highs and lows in the events, there is a deeper story. The journey to becoming an Olympic athlete is not one that is taken alone and for most they have had family walking with them every step of the way. Read more →

Let the Games Begin

A smorgasbord of nationalities gathered at Hyde Park Live Site to take in the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. The Brits obviously the strongest flavor amongst the 150,000 strong crowd, but beautifully enhanced by friends from all corners of the globe. Read more →

Make Some Noise

Fans were out in full force as events kicked off all over London. As the only nation to host the Olympic Games for a third time, all of Great Britain is passionate to ensure they get behind Team GB. Union Jack ‘lick and stick’ tattoos are spreading around faster than slap bands or happy pants did back in the 80’. Read more →

Flying the Flag

Over the next few weeks of the London 2012 Olympic Games there will be millions of people waving flags of their various nations. Yet Thursday night London time there was only one flag waver that all of Australia wanted to know about! Read more →

A Reason to get up in the Morning

Melbourne’s winters are not known for being warm at the best of times. Especially not in the early hours of the morning! Wednesday just gone was no exception as I crawled out of bed to some icy temperatures, piercing wind and patchy rain that Melbourne does so well. There was some extra motivation on Wednesday though including the fact that I was to be greeted at my first stop of the morning by a massive flame!

Read more →

Through the Eyes of a Massive Sports Fan

I’m a massive sports fan! Since a young age I would present elaborate justifications to my mum as to why it was essential that I stay up until all hours of the morning to ensure I could catch the sporting event of the moment live. It didn’t matter what sport it was, I wanted to ensure I caught every history making moment as it happened! These days I have to work even harder to convince my girlfriend of said sporting moments importance! Read more →

The Unintentional Coffee Snob

St Ali

I vividly remember as a kid hanging with my neighbor and giving his Dad stick about how addicted to coffee he was. He was a council worker and rarely would you see him without a thermos of coffee nearby, more often than not sipping at a mug of black coffee from that thermos. We joked that he would soon strap a thermos to his back and rig up a self-serving helmet feeding him a constant supply similar to the novelty beer hats! Read more →

Donning the lycra for Samsung Global Blogger

I was once the fastest runner at my school and I had great hopes to compete at the Olympic Games as an athlete one day. Any slim hope of that slid away along with my calf muscle sliding up my leg due to a snapped achilles in my early 20’s. Read more →