Nathan has had a passion for commentating sport since he was a child, when he would record his own commentary for sporting matches into his cassette walkman! As technology has progressed so has Nathan’s ability to engage you in the journey of a sporting encounter. Having not only played sport at an elite level but also coached, it gives Nathan a great eye for the ins and outs of any match and an ability to articulate it in a way that anyone from an avid fan to a relative new comer can understand.

With over 10 years experience as a sports physiotherapist he also has a sharp eye to predict with great accuracy the nature and severity of any injury and can quickly determine how it will effect a player for the rest of the game and the season.

Packaging all of this in his unique entertaining style, you may have heard Nathan calling the basketball for NBL Radio and/or WNBL radio or the ice hockey for the Melbourne Ice’s Australian Ice Hockey League live stream on their website and Channel 31.