Over the last 5 years Nathan has been sought after as a speaker for both youth and adults delivering his signature talk ‘How to perform when the world is watching’. After recently returning from London 2012 Olympic Games, where he was reporting for Samsung, he is in more demand than ever.

Nathan is well rehearsed at having to be at his best with eyes focused on him. Performance is measured differently for all of us but whatever age we are or field we are in we all want to be at our best. Nathan uses his unique brand of communication that is a beautiful blend of humour and sincerity to entertain, engage, captivate and motivate any audience into action.

Most speakers offer motivation, yet Nathan takes it one step further to facilitate activation. Leaving his audiences equipped with the tools to overcome whatever fears hold them back from performing at their peak and stirred into action.

Nathan has plenty of experience of performing while the world is watching, whether that is:

• One set of eyes watching the principle physiotherapist at a successful practice treat a client dependant on him to get back on the field for an important game.

• Hundreds of eyes watching the semi professional athlete take to the court before an injury prematurely ended his career.

• Thousands of eyes watching the MC in the centre of the court or field at half time of a big game

• Millions of eyes watching his appearances on National TV with Foxtel’s London 2012 Olympics coverage, Big Brother, A Current Affair and Totally Wild

With over 300 speaking engagements to youth during the last 5 years Nathan has the versatility to encorporate topics such as leadership, purpose, values, choices, reality tv, media, careers, self esteem, bullying, drug and alcohol awareness and social justice in to any presentation.